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DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys / Lawyers

Sometimes good people get caught in bad situations. Nothing is more disturbing and disrupting to someoneís life than when the government accuses you of a crime. Remember you have rights! Whether you know it or not, you are innocent until proven guilty. Willis & Davidow provides sound criminal defense strategies and legal counseling to help its clients through all types of criminal charges.

If you are charged with a crime, donít wait on your rights. Assault and battery cases can be successfully dealt with if we can find the alleged victims in time. If you are given a traffic ticket, donít wait until the last minute. Traffic cases can be handled successfully if we have the ability to gather all the potential evidence before it gets lost or destroyed.

DUI defense requires the specificity of knowledge different from all other types of crimes. Every DUI case is different and the most successful DUI defenses come from the specifics in each case and not sweeping generalizations of criminal law. At Willis & Davidow our clients get the best DUI defense because we provide them with a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer who has vast knowledge of the inner workings of the breath machine, the field sobriety exercises, and the traffic laws.

Willis & Davidow takes your life seriously. We take the time necessary to do all that is possible when you have criminal charges pending against you because we understand the severity and the impact that it has and will have on you or your loved ones.