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Willis & Davidow has been successful in counseling its clients through the breakdown of a wide variety of contracts and agreements. The major issue with contract disputes is that neither paper agreements nor oral agreements can cover all the contingencies of life. At some point in time all corporations, partnerships, businesses, and employment relationships come to an end. The fact is that most times the best planned contracts and agreements break down no matter how well they are drafted. Life will happen. The best plan of action is to have legal counsel on hand when these agreements break down.

Whether people know it or not, at any given time, they are engaged in some type of contractual relationship. Homeowners, renters, landlords, tenants, managers, owners, employees, partners, shareholders, fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and drivers are just a few different types of individuals who are under various agreements and contracts.

It is vital for everyone to know their rights under the contract or agreement they are in. Donít go through a contractual breakdown alone! Make sure your rights and finances are handled and wound up properly under these contracts. Remember, there are two sides to every contract. Willis & Davidow makes sure to protect your interests, because we know that the other side is certainly seeking to protect theirs.